Dress That Will Be Your Perfect Fit.

Every girl have not the same body type, everyone diffeFormal Dresses 1rent in waists, bust, hips shoulders and chest. So a prom style makes a girl gorgeous, may not be perfect for another body type girl. You can’t apply a single style to all girls body types. This is the time to think what is your body type and what prom dress style  will make you stunning on the party?  Most of the girls buy an expensive prom dress without getting idea about their body type, this is sure if you do not wear according to your body it will never make you star of the party. First you need to know about your body type. Here I try to explain major body type and what will best for those to wear.

First start Slender,  this body type has a slim frame figure shaped body. Slender girls have a small bust and hips, waists are tiny normally 24” to 28”. If to see at shoulders these are narrow shaped. Every type of prom fit for these body shape girls. But most good to wear full length gowns and wrap dresses. They should highlight their waists by using belts and sashes.

If a girl has smaller chest, and small shoulders but big from hip area she has a Pear shaped body.  These girls can’t wear every type of prom dress. These girls if want to give them stunning look, they should  go with lighter tops and a little dark skirts, with V-shapes neck style. V neck cutoff is shown bigger chest.  You can go with a-line skirts and fitted tops.

A girl has a big chest and also with wide stomach area, she has an Apple shaped body. To these types of body you have shown off your waist and get the attention if tight dresses has no problem with you. If you have good attractive legs you can show these by wearing short Black prom dresses.

A shape which mostly liked by men, small waist and balanced in the chest and hips size. Is called the Hourglass  body. This is the ideal body shape and considered lucky so girls having this hourglass body can wear any type of dress. There is no problem indeed they wear full length, short or fitted dresses.

Girls having short 5’3” or lesser are Petite shaped girls. If you are petite you should use short dresses don’t wear full length or floor length dresses. Tops V-neck and scoop-neck will fabulous for you. This is showing you taller.

A girl having plus size can play with what she has by wearing the neckline. You will look very in dress big waist and a-line skirts are confident with this. And this body type called busty.

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